Mummas Mate FAQ

We have outlined below the most common types of questions we are asked. If you have a question that is not covered below please feel free to email us.

Is it easy to attach?

Yes! Simply clip in the coupling reducer that is right for your stroller, screw the coupling onto your frame, lock it in place with the coupling jaw, and away you go ñ it takes less than a minute!

How old should my child be to ride on the Swiss Strolli Rider?

At least 15 months old. We recommend that you do not use the Strolli Rider until your child can walk completely unaided and can sit independently without any help. If your child is over 20kg we recommend that your child does not use the Strolli Rider.

How will I know if the Strolli Rider will fit my stroller?

The Swiss Strolli Rider fits almost all strollers, but by making the following measurement prior to purchasing a Strolli Rider should ensure that the Strolli Rider fits your particular stroller.

1) Measure the rear frame tubing diameter:

Round Frames: 16x16mm, 19x19mm, 22x22mm , 23x23mm and 25x25mm

Oval Frames: 14x23.8mm, 16x25.4mm and 20x30mm

Square Frames: 16x16mm and 18x18mm

2) Measure 65cm from the ground to the frame, this is the approximate position of where the Strolli Rider will hitch to the frame. Make sure that there are no obstructions that would stop the Strolli Rider to being hitched safely.

Will it accommodate my child as he grows?

Definitely! The saddle has 2 height positions and the footrests and handlebars can be secured wherever is most comfortable for your child.

Will it get under my feet like a buggy board?

Absolutely not! The Swiss Strolli Rider has been designed so that your child sits besides you as you push, which means that your feet are free of any obstructions.

What safety standards does this product comply with?

The Swiss Strolli Rider has been tested and approved by TUV Rheinland(Technical Inspection authority) and Tested in accordance with European standard EN/TC252W1252041.

Who is bibi?

Bibi signifies an entire baby- line of high quality products. Bibi is an internationally protected trademark enjoying high popularity in both Europe and in many other countries across the world. The Bibi International division develops bibi products and markets its range through trading partners possessing experience in the market. The Swiss Strolli Rider is part of a product range, which is based on sootherís baby bottles and teats with modern product design. High grade materials suitable for children ensure long life, are easily maintained and combine efficient function with fun.

Orders / Delivery Information

How does the order process work?

You can purchase the Swiss Strolli Rider directly via this website or give us a call.

Do you ship overseas?

No! We currently sell only to customers in Australia and New Zealand. For UK or USA customers please visit our partner sites.

What is the normal delivery time?

Our normal delivery times are 3-5 days.

What do I do if I have a query with my order?

All orders will be confirmed by email by one of our customer service staff shortly after we receive your order. As your order is shipped,an order will be supplied to you for tracking purposes. If you have a query email us quoting your order tracking number and/or name and delivery address. One of our friendly customer service staff will then respond promptly to your query.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept direct bank paymant into our Australian bank account or via Paypal ( credit cards can be used).

How much does delivery cost?

We charge the following delivery fees: AUD$10.00