Mummas Mate Testimonials

Here is what some parents have to say about the Swiss Strolli Rider Product:

"I was stuck looking for a suitable option for my 2 year old who was no longer happy to sit in the double pram. A skateboard attachment was far too awkward when I was pushing my babyís pram. The Swiss Strolli Rider is the perfect solution and it is so light and easy to use!"

Natalie, NSW

My toddler was always whinging when we would go shopping and he would not stay in the pram. But since I have bought the Swiss Strolli Rider he now looks forward to our outings and I no longer dread them! Thanks for such a great product.

Trish, VIC

When I first saw the Swiss Strolli Rider being used at our local park I was intrigued. After now having bought one and using it with my toddler I canít believe how I lived without it! I have already been stopped by so many other parents asking me where I got it, and commenting on what a perfect solution it is.

Sarah, Melbourne

After the birth of my second child, I had lower back problems. These were exacerbated by having my toddler on the skateboard attachment to the pram, which was not only cumbersome but also awkward. The Swiss Strolli Rider has been a godsend. As it attaches to the pram along side me, my walking posture is normal again as I am not arching over as I did with the skateboard. It turns corners so easily and is lightweight. It has definitely saved my back!

Louise, Melbourne

Thanks to the Swiss Strolli Rider, I love shopping again with 2 kids! I previously had a double pram but had always found it such a struggle in shops, being so wide I constantly bumping into things. The Strolli Rider is compact and as it sits in line with the single pram, I donít need to negotiate narrow spaces in shops any more. After having used it everyday for the last month, I donít know why anyone would use anything else for their toddler!

Michelle, SA